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Delfina is an artist & activist from Los Angeles, CA using her powerful voice and life story to make music and make a difference in her community.

Delfina has performed for audiences all over the world – from a cheering crowd of 1.2Million people in Times Square to a range of music venues in Los Angeles, New York, and Buenos Aires.

Delfina's professional career began in 2009 with a publishing deal and national TV ad campaign with Nivea that landed her on the big stage and gave her song “Window” national exposure.

Delfina learned to play guitar from YouTube at 16 years old and later taught herself to play the piano. She is compelled to share a message of hope and strength through her lyrics having overcome a challenging childhood. She writes anthem songs and soulful ballads reminiscent of Alicia Keys, Pat Benatar, and Adele featuring strong vocals and power chords played on guitar and piano. Her stage presence is empowering, inspiring, and authentic.


Delfina is actively involved in her community leading and educating young artists to believe in their voice through songwriting workshops and one-on-one coaching. Delfina develops projects, programs, and productions with non-profit organizations like After-School All-Stars to empower underprivileged students with her music.

Beyond her work with music and children, Delfina has founded a non-profit called KISS (Keep It Sacred Sister) that connects survivors to healing resources on college campuses. 

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